The Story

The musical story of a South African born singer songwriter, inspired by the likes of Gregory Alan Isakov, Nathaniel Rateliff, Damien Rice & Sufjan Stevens.

We Are All Fossils started in late 2014 but music has been the way of life for many years before that. March of 2015 saw the released of 'Aether' a live 6 track EP.

'Songs For Strangers' soon followed. A unique process where anyone could anonymously send in story (fiction/non fiction/undefined) to inspire a song. Out of these connections 8 tracks were created.

2016 & 2017 were spent writing and recording for the debut album, a collection of songs that have survived the seasons.

'The Optimist' is the 10 track debut album from We Are All Fossils, released date 4th June.


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