We Are All Fossils - My Long Lost Friend || #SongsForStrangers - 3 ||

After a very touching message was sent through for the SongsForStrangers Project, I created this song. Although i wanted to get in contact with the person and thank them for sharing something so personal and underline how brave it is. I couldn't break my word that said that this project is anonymous, and so it shall stay. I just hope that the person who shared their story knows that this song is for them and that the future can offer a lot of healing. The fact that you shared this to me resonates a progressive step forward. Forever i will think of the story and person when i play this song.


LYRICS : My Long Lost Friend

When i was little, 
you heard my first breathe 
seven years of memories 
though i cant remember them 

I hear the stories 
You were most loving and you cared 

Though i wish i knew you 
But theres comfort that we met 

Maybe you needed peace 
A permanent sigh of relief 
I hope you know that your missed 
That 9 years on I still reminisce   

I hear the stories 
You were most loving and you cared 
Though you never got to know me 
My world fell apart when you left 
Now we only meeting in stories 
My long lost friend 

Now that I’m older 
I’ve learned to love and accept 
The past has its presence 
And the future can hold its regrets 

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