We Are All Fossils - Bad Dreams [DEMO] || #SongsForStrangers - 4 ||

Here is the 4th song from my latest project #SongsForStrangers ...This particular song was inspired by a mail i received before Christmas. 

Its a story of a soul that is wondering through the dark, lost and confused. If only they could see the light that wants to reach them. 

Bad Dreams LYRICS 

I know you've been lost 
Wondering through the dark 
Falling to your to low's 
To a life with no hope 

If only this could be just a bad dream 
Just a bad dream 

The drugs hide the scars 
Of your wounded heart 
But to watch you fall apart 
Inch by inch to the graveyard 

It's sad to see great men fall apart 
To just fall apart 

I hope you know that your loved 
And wherever you are 
your always in my heart 

I hope you find peace 
Its been a struggle to believe 
That you were left on your own 
WIthout love or a home 

Maybe this could just a bad dream 
Just a bad dream

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