Nathaniel Rateliff - Still Trying || #FossilFriday - 52 ||

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So its been a year of #FossilFriday videos! i cant believe I’ve remembered to do a video every week but most importantly i want to say thanks to everyone thats watched a #FF. You really have done more than you can think for my music and i look forward to share with you my own creations very soon!

A little back story to this weeks #FossilFriday, I chose to do a cover of one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite artists because I read an article this week about how Nathaniel was thinking about stopping/quitting music. His label at the time did not have enough funds or maybe priority to release ‘Falling Faster Than You Can Run’ (which ’Still Trying' track is from). That means that potentially one of may favourite albums could quiet easily have been stuck in a cupboard somewhere…then i asked myself how much music is out there that id love but wouldn’t be able to hear because their stuck in a ‘cupboard’ too. so the message id like to pass on is…if you love a piece of music….support it. The radio/TV stations get paid a lot to play certain artists… not saying the music is bad or good just saying that with the internet today having things like Spotify Radio maybe go and browse and find that awesome band that you adore. I have found 4 new ultimate favourites so far and I’m planning to find a lot more!

On a bit of a side note this song also rings true for me in regards to my originals, Im still trying too!

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